Boris Karloff as
Ardeth Bey in 1932's,
"The Mummy".
Mike even created the scroll using the
age old process of tea dipping paper.
Hand, complete with reproduction ring.
The completed clay portrait
Painted silicone cast

Elsa Lancaster as the
Bride in 1935's,
"Bride of Frankenstein".
Raw silicone cast.

Linda Blair as Regan
McNeil in 1973's,
"The Exorcist".
The completed clay portrait.
Legendary Make-Up Artist Dick Smith
poses with Mike's recreation of his
original horror masterpiece.

Charles Laughton as
Quasimodo in 1939's,
"The Hunchback of
Notre Dame".
The complete clay
sculpture of Quasimodo's
whip marks.
The completed
clay portrait.
Quasimodo is perched atop
a slowly turning wheel,
reminiscent of the
original film.

Copyright 2011 Mike Hill